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Protune Australia only use the highest quality maps and most up to date software which is sourced from Italy

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Since the late 90′s, most vehicles produced have a small computer which controls many of the vehicle’s functions and behaviours. This is known as the ECU or Engine Control Unit. This ECU monitors sensors in the engine and around the vehicle. The ECU contains a set of “maps” or programs which control how the vehicle responds to information from the sensors. Things like the amount of fuel required, …timing, turbo pressure and many others.

Manufacturers typically set up the programs contained in the ECU to cope with anything that the vehicle is likely to experience regardless of which region or country in the world the vehicle is sold.

Remember, the standard “maps” in your vehicle’s ECU have to allow for things as diverse as wildly differing qualities of fuel between regions, varying regional exhaust emissions standards, irregular or non-existant servicing or poor quality service personnel. Some vehicles are used in extremely tough environments such as deserts, areas of prolonged sub-zero temperatures, high humidity, reduced oxygen levels and many other variables.

The manufacturer’s standard setup of your ECU must allow the vehicle to operate in all these environments and is NOT accurately “tuned” for anywhere in particular!

Protune Australia can professionally adjust the settings in your ECU, allowing you to safely get the most out of your vehicle.

ECU Remapping

We can re-map a large range of vehicles like Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks and Tractors

DPF Removal

Prolong the life of your DPF by getting it cleaned with us. Contact us today for a no hassle quote

Vehicle Diagnostics

We also offer an electrical diagnostics service on a wide range of vehicles

Engine Tuning

Engine Tuning  for vehicles like Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks and Tractors

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