DPF Removal

Increase performance and improve fuel economy with our DPF Removal Service

 DPF Removal

DPF Removal

NOW ALSO DPF REMOVALS! (off-road only) For cars, trucks and 4×4’s
Are you having problems with your DPF (Diesel particle filter)? Facing expensive repair costs? Sick of poor MPG when the DPF is regenerating? Want to remove the DPF from your vehicle?
Some of our customers opt to have the DPF system removed entirely.
It will eliminate the possibility of the engine going into LIMP Mode caused by the DPF clogging up.
The DPF is not a legal requirement so the most cost effective solution is to remove the DPF from the exhaust system and deactivate the DPF functions from the ECU.
Benefits of DPF Removal:
Increased MPG
Improved Performance
Avoid Expensive Repair Costs

ECU Remapping

We can re-map a large range of vehicles like Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks and Tractors

DPF Removal

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We also offer an electrical diagnostics service on a wide range of vehicles

Engine Tuning

Engine Tuning  for vehicles like Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks and Tractors

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