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We provide a service to tune your vehicle by re-mapping the ECU (electronic control unit). We can re-map Cars, Trucks, 4×4’s, Ute’s, Tractors, Construction equipment etc.

Once re-mapped BHP, Torque and Economy are instantly improved, with a smoother running engine.

Pre turbo flat spots are eliminated and acceleration will be much more responsive.

You will experience driving with an engine that seems completely new.

Why has the manufacturer not produced the vehicle with this output?

Many manufacturers do offer different variants of the same model eg. VW golf  tdi 100bhp, 130bhp and 150bhp. The main reason manufacturers offer different variants is to accommodate different market sectors based on performance and price. In effect re-mapping your engine gives you the benefit of improved performance at a fraction of the manufacturers pricing.

Our system adjusts the injection settings to maximize the engines efficiency without loosing any of the safety parameters set in the engine’s control unit. The power increases are well within the tolerances of the engine and will not cause any damage.

Will tuning affect the life of my engine?

The answer is a simple NO. All of our mapping will achieve a level of tuning that is well within the manufacturers recommended tolerances.

Will my vehicle smoke as a result?

Engine emissions remain unchanged, this is assuming the engine was running cleanly in the first place. Vehicles that smoke as normal or those with very high mileage may suffer slight smoke under heavy loads. In such cases we would recommend a slightly lower level of tuning to compensate.

Will i get an increase in economy?

You should see an increase of up to 30% depending on vehicle and the way in which it is driven.

Do our re-maps come with a money back guarantee?

If you are not completely satisfied with our service we provide a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked and the vehicle will be put back to the way it was before.

ECU Remapping

We can re-map a large range of vehicles like Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks and Tractors

DPF Removal

Prolong the life of your DPF by getting it cleaned with us. Contact us today for a no hassle quote

Vehicle Diagnostics

We also offer an electrical diagnostics service on a wide range of vehicles

Engine Tuning

Engine Tuning  for vehicles like Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks and Tractors

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