Tractor ECU Tuning

Offering Tractor ECU Remapping for power upgrades on ALL models of tractor units.

Tractor ECU Tuning

Tractor ECU Tuning

Protune Australia are the Victorian distributor for Agri-Tune Australia. We can custom tune a wide range of Agricultural machinery inc. tractors, harvesters, planters, sprayers, headers and more. All the vehicles we cover receive a customised tune for that individual engine. We are able to safely and accurately optimise the engine’s ECU (engine control unit) to increase performance in power and torque to best suit the specific needs of each one. Many parameters can be changed including fueling, fuel injection, torque limiters, boost and many others. It really does depend on the application. We don’t just raise settings in your ECU file, a lot of the time it involves small changes that can result is large changes in performance.ments and is NOT accurately “tuned” for anywhere in particular!

Protune Australia can professionally adjust the settings in your ECU, allowing you to safely get the most out of your vehicle.

ECU Remapping

We can re-map a large range of vehicles like Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks and Tractors

DPF Removal

Prolong the life of your DPF by getting it cleaned with us. Contact us today for a no hassle quote

Vehicle Diagnostics

We also offer an electrical diagnostics service on a wide range of vehicles

Engine Tuning

Engine Tuning  for vehicles like Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks and Tractors

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